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Lewistown train station

Located about an hour west of Harrisburg, PA.  Lewistown is located on the former

Pennsylvania Rail Road mainline, now operated by Norfolk Southern Railway.  The old PRR railroad station built in 1849 is now owned by the PRR Historical Society, and used twice daily by Amtrak's Pennsylvanian (one in each direction daily, both during daylight).  Norfolk Southern keeps the line busy with over 50 trains daily of their own.  For the time being, the old PRR position light signal still protect train movements past the station, (still in place 9/30/2012), I assume those will be changed out within a year as NS upgrades the signal system on this line.  The railfan location is on the north side of the tracks, which means you will not have a perfectly sunlit train if you are a photographer, but a large hill on the south side of the tracks diminishes much of the direct sunlight, and a curve to the east compensate of what the sunlight doesn't do. 


Location info:

Town / City: Lewistown, PA (150 Helen Street)

Location Name: Lewistown Amtrak train station


Railroad(s):  Norfolk Southern / Amtrak (former Conrail / Penn Central / Pennsylvania RR) /

Juniata Valley Railroad. (A short line that operates weekdays, trains pass behind the station.)


Rail Traffic:  50 - 60 trains daily during a 24-hour period


Site Details:  The Lewistown train station is owned by the Pennsylvania RR Historical Society.  The Society operates a small gift shop inside the station, and members working the desk are very knowledgeable not only about the station, but the daily railroad operations outside.


Restrooms on site: Yes, when station is open, otherwise Sheets mini-market is a short drive down the road.


Food:  None on site.  Sheetz mini-market is a short drive down the road, and offers a full menu from their MTO (Made To Order) food service.  For those not familiar with Sheets, they are a well run, clean, and very popular establishment in the Pennsylvania area, serving everything from gas to food, and anything else you may need while your on the go.


Picnic Area:  No


Parking:  Train station parking lot, please respect Amtrak customers.  If parking spots are slim, please relocate your vehicle to another area.  Being kind to local users of the station will deter any political actions that could stop railfans from parking in the station parking lot.  To my knowledge, there have not been any parking issues from either patrons or railfans, lets keep it that way.


Lighted for evening railfanning:  Yes.  Train station platform is lighted at night, but trains are not easy to view.


Scanner Frequencies:  160.800,   161.070


Motels / Hotels:  None trackside.  Huntingdon, PA has a Comfort Inn (listed on RailfanMotels.com, [Click: Pennsylvania, Then Huntingdon].

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