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Cassandra Railroad Overlook

An old iron single lane bridge spanning over the former Pennsylvania Rail Road mainline was closed to vehicle traffic in 1936.  Used infrequently by hikers, this bridge was "rediscovered" in 1998, and is now a popular railfan destination in this area.  It’s a quiet, peaceful area, you can see eastbound trains coming from 3 miles down the track, and hear them almost as far. Engines struggle to pull the heavy trains up mountain on the way to Altoona and points east.  Westbound trains sliding down the mountain can pop up quickly and quietly until you see the helper engines running in full dynamics, doing their best to keep the train under control.  This is mountain railroading at its best, and a busy mountain railroad it is!  With 60 trains a day, and several helper engines running light to their next assignment, Cassandra is a fine place to experience railroading in the Alleghany Mountains!  Located just off Route 53 in Cassandra just down the road from the Cassandra Railroad Overlook & Motel. 


Location info:

Town / City: Cassandra, PA


Location Name: Cassandra Railroad Overlook


Railroad(s):  Norfolk Southern /  Amtrak (2 trains daily)


Rail Traffic:  Heavy, expect 50-60 freights during a 24-hour period, Amtrak passes twice daily (both in daylight), and several light helper engines will pass heading to help their next train.


Site Details:  Located in a mostly isolated area, its a park setting.


Restrooms on site:  No


Food:  Not on site.  Sheets Mini-Marts, plus a few other eating establishments can be found west in Portage, PA, or east in Cresson, PA.


Picnic Area:  Picnic tables are located on each side of the bridge. (Two tables total).  A few park benches are also on site.


Parking:  Parking in a gravel area near the bridge.


Lighted for evening railfanning:  No, pitch black at night!


Scanner Frequencies:  160.800


Motels / Hotels:  The Cassandra Railroad Overlook is located just up the street from the overlook.  The motel offers 6 rooms, and is an ideal place to stay while in the area.  This motel is not listed on our RailfanMotels.com website because it doesn't offer a view of the railroad from the rooms.


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